A revolutionary way to

Work Eat Drink Shop


From the culinary inspiring to street food - we've got you covered.


Beer, wine, distilled or soft - we're not judging.


Independent, local, homebred - #MadeInAbertawe

What makes us revolutionary?

A first of its kind collaborative business neighbourhood

We're developing a new kind of High Street on the fringe of the city, taking on the traditional model using the power of local and a solid community of indie traders.

"Our neighbourhood of indie traders and businesses are ready and waiting to serve Swansea's communities and it's visitors"

Team FR8PK

Welcome to our neighbourhood

A community of businesses strengthened in numbers and supported by those who think forward


Our units are limited by trade to keep our community as diverse as possible, giving our customers the greatest choice under one venue.

Dedicated POS and App

We have a dedicated POS system and app which allows customers to order, collect and take part in promotions through FR8CD.

PR & Marketing Support

We actively market each of our community of units through targeted marketing campaigns, social media and FR8CD.


Our units are flexible. Each unit can be up to 300 sq.ft and fabricated to expand where more floorspace is needed.

Shopfitting design & build

FR8PK has a strong design ethos which resonates across our venue. Our professional designers are on hand to support a look which sells.

Turnover rent

We're all about setting our traders up for success, so we offer a proportion of our unit rental to be determined by the amount of business they do.

Flexible terms

Our terms are designed to take the edge off of running a small business, not add worry. Unlike others, we don't tie traders down.


We're located at strategic travel routes with partners who use sustainable travel methods to offer home delivery of our unit's products.

SAFE & Secure

We're a not-for-profit organisation, funded and supported by stakeholders who see value in our vision.

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retail, food & drink and leisure units
new jobs in a range of roles and trades
added to Swansea's GVA

We'll drink to that.

FR8PK wouldn't be possible without

What our supporters Say

We've been a hit from day one

"Brilliant idea. Please say yes!"
Hope it happens here 🤞🤞 with the student lifestyle the way it is in Swansea there's no doubt this would work 👌"
"Finally. This is exactly what the area needs."
Joe Allister