Your most frequently asked questions answered


What’s the FR8PK neighbourhood?

From street food to boutique shopping, we’re creating something for everyone. Where kids can play and learn in the interactive playground, and adults can relax while enjoying free concerts, films, and sports on the central stage.

Surrounding an open and airy public square, you’ll see container units run by independent retail, food & drink and offices, all local and supported by a strong and consistent marketing and PR brand umbrella. We’ll give local traders a platform they won’t find anywhere else – a truly supportive programme aimed toward making FR8PK the destination of choice for customers and a business community where every unit succeeds together.

Swansea has been waiting for something new and we’re going to give the people what they want – a brand new experience without the uninspiring corporate feel. We don’t do chains. Each unit will be occupied by a local independent business and, with our comprehensive business, marketing and PR package, adopt our formula for success.


How does it work?

1 – We look for and identify buildings or plots of land that aren’t being used to their full potential.

2 – We work with local people to find out what they really need.

3 – We design and build an awesome and inspiring space to answer the demand.

4 – We fill it with local, independent businesses.

5 – We encourage and inspire those businesses to give back to the community around them.

We thoroughly research the needs of the local community, the design projects that offer affordable and inspiring spaces for small and independent businesses in retail, food & drink and leisure. FR8PK connects traders with the community around them. Our socially responsible company works with our traders to share skills, funds and space from our schemes with the community. Our schemes are designed to be more than just work space. They’re destinations that invite communities and tourism to discover and interact with our traders and benefit from our facilities.


What will FR8PK deliver?

  • An innovative and exciting neighbourhood of retail, food and office units
  • A scaleable concept with potential to grow into multiple areas
  • Transformation of vacant land into a thriving shopping, eating and SME office district
  • Opportunities for independent and socially responsible businesses to gain a busy street presence
  • Opportunities for safe social interaction in a space designed in light of the ‘new normal’
  • A connection between key parts of the City that currently don’t form a natural link
  • Engagement with local businesses, social enterprises and other organisations during planning and delivery
  • Collaborations with environmental organisations to raise awareness and engage public interest in maintaining our city
  • A boost, both financial and in terms of market exposure, to independent businesses and the local economy


What benefits will FR8PK bring?

Our concept is simple: adapt the way we design and operate retail, food & drink and offices so that people can shop, eat, work and enjoy much in the same way as they’re used to. This is an opportunity to fill a gap between businesses that trade from home or online and the dream of trading on the High Street.


The scheme will improve transport links around and to the County, especially between district centres and city centre owing to it’s location near or adjacent to the National Cycle Route, making it primarily accessible without the need to travel by motor vehicle. Each trader will also be expected to make use of the National Cycle Route in it’s deliveries as access to motor vehicles to the site will be restricted. The scheme is planned to occupy a unit dedicated to cycle hire, maintenance and repair which each trader can make use of during business hours. The construction of the scheme will utilise otherwise energy absorbing recycled shipping containers which are not just sustainable in their use in the scheme, but easily demountable if they require moving to an alternative site – something that can’t be done with traditional methods of construction. What is currently vacant land will become a sensitively landscaped area with new trees and shrubs planted and roof/wall gardens installed.


How will FR8PK boost the economy?

The project will embrace circular economy principles that ensure a balance in favour of income into the local economy. The scheme will create more than 400 new jobs for the local area and 40+ businesses will either be started or will be given the opportunity to grow. The scheme will compliment new local attractions such as Swansea’s new arena, St David’s shopping centre and hotels and draw visitors to stay in Swansea for longer periods of time during concerts, sporting and national events by providing an ‘annex destination’ or ‘fanzone’. The associated marketing and PR campaigns set to remain consistent with the business operation will lure customers to shop, eat and enjoy at the scheme, generating income which will profit local businesses. This socially responsible enterprise will use profits to expand in the locality and help to generate growth in similar projects in the county, with the goal of expanding into other counties in the future, forming a socially responsible network.


How can FR8PK increase volunteering, jobs & education?

The scheme as an entity will provide an income for at least 6 full-time equivalent (FTE) permanent on-site staff. Each unit will employ up to 10 FTE staff. With 40+ units being suggested at this stage, there are at least 406 job creations at full capacity. We then consider the element of sub-contracting to organisations who will provide (not limited to): security, cleansing, accounting, legal services, site maintenance, inspection, marketing and PR, recruitment and HR, health & safety consultancy, waste disposal, web hosting and IT support, point of sale and app services, lettings and insurance. Each trader will be required to submit a CPD policy indicating their commitment to the education and training of their staff. The scheme will also provide, through our connections with relevant organisations, training and support to businesses. Each month traders will be required to allot an hour of one staff member’s hours to maintain the surrounding access routes in support of Sustrans.


How does FR8PK intend to

The leisure element of the scheme will incorporate live gigs, small concerts and shows, in addition to film, sports and cultural events played on a large screen in the public square area. We will welcome those who want to work with us to hold an event, recruiting a staff member to manage all events at the site in line with an Events policy written in collaboration with Swansea Council and the local community (residents and businesses). Swansea is vibrant with culture and we plan to carry this through our discussions in relation to the design and organisation of the scheme. One way we propose to be a visual nod to Swansea’s heritage is to incorporate themes of our proud history in industry and celebrate who and what makes the city and county resonate among those who live here and those who love to visit. Our heritage is deep-rooted and we’ll want to work with stakeholders to ensure the scheme shows how proud we are to have the scheme located in Swansea.


How will FR8PK promote activity & leisure?

Part of the experience at FR8PK will be centred around interactive play and enjoyment. There will be a safe, interactive section for children to enjoy while parents or carers take a break in one of the independent food & drink units. Indoor and outdoor units will be available to create bespoke experiences, created by leisure operators who are normally restricted by seasonal trends, but will have the opportunity to trade all year at the scheme. The location will be close or adjacent to a National Cycle Route and we’ll work with charity Sustrans Cymru to help promote and maintain use of it in getting to and from the site.


What stage is the FR8PK project at?

Now that we’ve established a need for FR8PK, we’re seeking funds to support the commissioning of design proposals, providing a vehicle from which we can seek grant and capital funding needed to build and operate the scheme, and rolling out a comprehensive marketing and lettings campaign promoting the scheme to prospective traders. Funding will enable us to:

  • Develop a media plan including visual design, website, social media strategy and promotion, ways to record engagement
  • Reach out to potential pop-up and independent organisations
  • Design an application process to long-list potential businesses to occupy 40+ units
  • Create Business Case, identify funding opportunities and support for new projects resulting from the scheme (expansion)
  • Draw up list of stakeholders, experienced and qualified Directors and a Project Management Plan
  • Create working groups with stakeholders
  • Decide upon specific sites within development areas (number and locations)
  • Recruit experienced marketing organisation to begin marketing campaign
  • Hold initial planning meeting with supporting organisations and stakeholders
  • Communicate deadline for applications for traders to express an interest in the first round of trader liaison
  • Finalise agreements with land owners and stakeholders
  • Agree deadline for breaking ground
  • Support traders post opening, respond to initial customer feedback and begin process of improvement and expansion