The team

FR8PK is led by a board of executive and non-executive directors. The executive team are specialists in their functional designations at FR8PK Ltd. The non-executive team broaden and add strength to the organisation’s capabilities through professional strategic advice.

We’re a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to deliver the shared goals of independent businesses and the communities we serve.

Executive Director

Wez Morgan

Wez is FR8PK's Executive Director. He's focused on making FR8PK an environment where businesses and communities collaborate, all working together toward a shared goal.

Non-Executive Director - Neighbourhood

Non-Executive Director – Neighbourhood

The FR8PK Neighbourhood elects a member to chair the co-operative on an annual basis and to sit as a FR8PK Non-Executive Director representing the Neighbourhood of businesses, giving every business owner at FR8PK a voice on the board.
Non-Executive Director

Prof Jon Holt

Prof Jon Holt is an internationally-recognised expert in the field of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He is an international award-winning author and public speaker and has authored 17 books on MBSE and its applications. Since 2014 he has been a Director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, who are ‘outstanding in the field of MBSE’. Jon is also a Professor of Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, where he is involved with the teaching of and research into MBSE. He is a Fellow of both the IET and the BCS and is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional. He is currently the Technical Director of INCOSE UK where he is responsible for all technical activities and, in 2015, was identified as one of the 25 most-influential Systems Engineers in the last 25 years by INCOSE. Jon is also actively involved in the promotion of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) where he uses magic, mind-reading and occasional escapology to promote Systems Engineering at Music Festivals, Science Festivals, the IET Pythagorean Cabaret, radio shows and other STEM events. He has also authored the children’s STEM book ‘Think Engineer’ which is published by INCOSE UK.
Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director

FR8PK's Non-Executive Director positions are to be appointed.