The team

FR8PK is led by a board of 4 directors who are specialists in their functional designations at FR8PK Ltd.

We’re a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to deliver the shared goals of independent businesses and the communities we serve.

Executive Director

Wez Morgan

Wez is FR8PK's Executive Director. At FR8PK Wez wants to create an environment where businesses and communities collaborate, all working together toward a shared goal.
Director of Operations

Rhys Morgan

Rhys is our Director of Operations. He wants to see FR8PK achieve the same success in Swansea as in other global schemes by bringing local businesses together with our communities to create an enhanced destination experience.

Director of Finance


FR8PK's Director of Finance position is to be appointed. If you think you have the right stuff, click on the link below to request an application pack.
Director of Co-operative

Director of Co-operative

The FR8PK Neighbourhood elects a member to chair the co-operative on an annual basis to sit as the FR8PK Director of Co-operative, giving every business owner at FR8PK a voice on the board of directors.